29 July 2012
Added "Space Debris and Its Mitigation" to the archive.
16 July 2012
Space Future has been on something of a hiatus of late. With the concept of Space Tourism steadily increasing in acceptance, and the advances of commercial space, much of our purpose could be said to be achieved. But this industry is still nascent, and there's much to do. So...watch this space.
9 December 2010
Updated "What the Growth of a Space Tourism Industry Could Contribute to Employment, Economic Growth, Environmental Protection, Education, Culture and World Peace" to the 2009 revision.
7 December 2008
"What the Growth of a Space Tourism Industry Could Contribute to Employment, Economic Growth, Environmental Protection, Education, Culture and World Peace" is now the top entry on Space Future's Key Documents list.
30 November 2008
Added Lynx to the Vehicle Designs page.
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22 May 2011 by G B Leatherwood
Solaren plans to make it happen
In 2009, Manhattan Beach, CA-based company Solaren, Inc. signed a contract with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) to provide 200 megawatts (MW) of clean, reliable electrical power to customers at a rate comparable with existing power generation facilities.
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17 August 2010 by G B Leatherwood
...We should listen
In a recent interview with Cosmic Log famed theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking declared that humans must be off planet Earth in the next 100 years or face possible extinction.
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5 August 2009 by G B Leatherwood
A Q&A with PowerSat’s CEO
Here on planet Earth, we’re suffering from an energy crisis: we need gasoline to power our cars, and we need electricity to power our homes. Alternative sources of energy, such as solar and wind power, can only provide a fraction of what we need, and nuclear power has inherent risks. Of course, space enthusiasts see the answer to our problems beyond the planet. By capturing the limitless energy of the sun and transforming it into electrical energy we can use, the world will have the energy it needs without being drained of its finite resources.
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17 December 2008 by G B Leatherwood
Will Obama and co. listen?
Last month, the Space Frontier Foundation (SFF) submitted a white paper titled “Space Solar Power ( SSP)—A Solution for Energy Independence & Climate Change” to the Obama-Biden Transition Project, which was published by the Obama transition team.
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30 September 2008 by Patrick Collins
A bright idea, still waiting to see the light
On August 13, 1968, at the Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference ( IECEC) in Boulder, Colorado, Dr. Peter Glaser of the US Solar Energy Society presented the idea of collecting solar energy in orbit and delivering it as radio wave energy to receivers on Earth 24/7.
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21 August 2008 by G B Leatherwood
A look at the Futures Channel
Already struggling to get your kids interested in school again after a summer of mall walking, cell phone texting, and playing video games?
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9 April 2008 by
And what to do about it
By Marco C. Bernasconi
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1 November 2007 by Patrick Collins
Fate makes strange bedfellows
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30 July 2007 by Patrick Collins
And potential demonstration satellite
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20 April 2007 by Patrick Collins
And what the space industry can do about it
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