7 July 2008
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Space Weddings
I do. I really do
by Carol Pinchefsky
A diamond may be forever, but a trip to space is out-of-this-world romantic.

For $2.3 million, you and your beloved can cement your bonds from 62 miles straight up. Japanese company First Advantage, along with former X-Prize contender Rocketplane Global, are teaming up to offer weddings in space. (First Advantage did not respond to this author’s request for an interview.)

According to this LiveScience article, Rocketplane Global “is developing the XP Spaceplane for private suborbital spaceflights. The four-seat spaceship is slated to be about the size of a fighter jet and designed to carry two jet engines and a rocket engine to reach space.”

Besides shelling out $2.3 million, you and your spouse have to undergo four day’s worth of training for the one-hour ceremony. Training will likely include safety procedures, weightless maneuvering, and how to explain to your family why they weren’t invited.

The wedding itself will be a unique adventure, perfect for setting the stage of lifetime commitment. Remember, nothing says “I love you” like the world beneath your feet.

For more information, people who read Japanese can learn more at www.spaceweddings.jp.
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7 July 2008
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