2 June 2008
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In Space, Itís Always Beer OíClock
Sapporo makes space beer
by Carol Pinchefsky

Sapporo Breweries, the Japanese beermaker established in 1876, is bringing beer into the 21st century. The new brew: beer made from barley descended from seeds that spent five months on the International Space Station ( ISS).

According to the CNN article, ďThe project is part of biological studies of the adaptability of plants to environmental changes and the impact from stresses such as space travel.Ē

If successful, the study will bring the world one step closer to growing crops in space. And fortunately, right now, scientists canít tell the difference between the ISS grains and home-grown barley.

Plus, thereís beer. Itís no surprise why scientists chose barley as a study crop.

Sapporo isnít planning on selling the 100 bottles, so the only way to taste the space beer is to grow it yourself. Ah, we knew there was another reason to promote space tourism.
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Carol Pinchefsky 2 June 2008
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