30 April 2008
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TDF Hosts Second Space Conference in Italy
New location, new theme, same great ideas
by Carol Pinchefsky

Technologies of the Frontier (TDF), an Italian space advocacy group, is holding their second conference on June 7, 2008 in Belgirate on Lake Maggiore, Italy. Speakers include astronomers and professors, and lectures will be held in both Italian and English.

Their first conference, held in the medieval castle of Moncrivello, had speakers lecture on a wide range of topics, from space tourism to aeronautics. This year, the conference will develop one theme: “A new renaissance: colonizing the Moon and Near Earth Asteroids.”

Conference organizer and president of TDF, Adriano Autino, said they chose this theme because “This planet isn’t enough to maintain the development of growing superpowers like China and India. Without sound industrial development, there’s no future for civilization, and the economy will sink into a black hole. We need to make near-space accessible and start using its resources.”

TDF and its associates created the conference to address the gap in space advocacy in Italy. “We see this as our duty. In Italy nobody speaks in favour of astronautics, space tourism, and industrialization of the geo-lunar system.”

With many voices speaking, perhaps they will be heard all the more quickly.

For more information, visit the TDF conference home page.
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Carol Pinchefsky 30 April 2008
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