18 September 1995
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Anousheh Ansari En Route to ISS...
...greeted by "toxic irritant"
by Carol Pinchefsky
by Carol Pinchefsky

Anousheh Ansari is currently en route to the International Space Station ( ISS), after a successful launch this morning. Ansari, who does not consider herself a "space tourist," views herself as an ambassador for space travel during her 10-day stay.

However, the ISS is currently experiencing technical difficulties after an oxygen generator "spilled a toxic irritant," according to an MSNBC article.

The incident was declared only a minor emergency, which the crew mopped up to immediately, to no ill effect. The generator is running smoothly.

Good thing too: 10 days is an awfully long time to go without oxygen.
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Carol Pinchefsky 18 September 1995
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