30 March 2004
Announcements - Tourism (Good)
Space Adventures Announces Next Tourist
Businessman, scientist Dr. Greg Olsen to inspire students
by Sam Coniglio
Space Adventures announced that American Dr. Greg Olsen, scientist and founder of CEO of Sensors Unlimited, Inc., will become the third private space explorer. Following in the footsteps of Dennis Tito and Mark Shuttleworth, Dr. Olsen hopes to inspire children to learn science and engineering with his work on the International Space Station ( ISS). His flight represents the first of the four exclusive flight opportunities that Space Adventures acquired in 2003 through their contract with the Russian Space Agency and RSC Energia.

Dr. Olsen's mission plans include carrying out numerous science experiments and educational projects, completing a media program, and of course enjoying one of the greatest experiences a person can hope to experience in their lifetime - orbital space flight.

Dr. Olsen has made the rounds on CBS Good Morning, CNN, in Newsweek, and elsewhere in the media. But for more information on Dr. Olsen's future flight, visit the Space Adventures web site or www.gotoorbit.com.
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Sam Coniglio 30 March 2004
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