20 April 2003
Announcements - Vehicles (Good)
SpaceShipOne Unveiled
Beginning flight tests to follow
by Alan Breakstone
By Alan Breakstone

Today is a big day for space travel and tourism, courtesy of Scaled Composites.

Burt Rutan unveiled his SpaceShipOne suborbital spaceplane and White Knight carrier aircraft at his Mojave, California, factory today. Dennis Tito, legendary NASA spacecraft designer Max Faget, and actor/pilot Cliff Robertson were among the dignitaries at the rollout.

Rutan may be within weeks--if not days--of beginning flight tests.

To quote the BBC article:

"Experts are taking the initiative seriously, saying that Mr Rutan's track
record and new technology put him on course to win the so-called X-prize for
the first non-government spaceflight."

For more information, see the space.com article.
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Alan Breakstone 20 April 2003
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