13 November 2002
News - Tourism (Good)
New Space Tourism Company Established in Sweden
by Patrick Collins
Scandinavian Connection To Space (SCTS) has recently been established in Sweden to promote the realisation of space tourism. Like a number of other companies, SCTS will act as an agent for space tourism-related services as they become available, while also working to raise finance to help it to happen. The principal, Paul Eklund, says to keep an eye on their web-site for announcements in the near future.

Space Future welcomes SCTS to the ever-growing group of friends and colleagues who are working in this field. As Space Future, we do what we can to help all round. The more groups who are trying seriously, the sooner we are all going to succeed. It still remains the case that just one or two wealthy individuals could make an enormous difference in this field, if their funds are used in the most effective way. The situation is now so "pregnant" that one such investor making significant progress could rapidly lead to others joining in around the world.

We wish SCTS the best of luck, and look forward to hearing good news.
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Patrick Collins 13 November 2002
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