9 November 1999
News - Tourism (Good)
Fruit Company Boosts Space Tourism
Offers sweep-stake for sub-orbital space flights
by Patrick Collins
Dole Food Products Inc, the world's largest fresh fruit company, is offering tickets for a sub-orbital space flight to winners of a sweep-stake it is organising.

Like the Suntory/Pepsi Japan promotion in 1998, this campaign is based on flights offered by Zegrahm Space Voyages. Originally planning to start in 2001 using the "Space Cruiser" vehicle to be developed by Vela Technology, Zegrahm have said they will contract with whatever company is offering sub-orbital flights.

To learn more, visit Dole's web site.

The gradual increase in major consumer-oriented companies taking an interest in space tourism is great news. A large company like Dole could even pay to develop a sub-orbital passenger vehicle out of their advertising budget!

There's only going to be one first - so it is only a matter of time before someone takes the leap.
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Patrick Collins 9 November 1999
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