19 May 1999
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Space Capitalists ISDC Party
Come join the festivities
Space Capitalists, a new group being formed by some of the members of the Houston Space Society, is planning a party at the International Space Development Conference being held here in Houston. The party will take place in our corner suite at the Radisson Hotel near Hobby Airport on Sunday 30 May 1999, starting at 9 p.m. and going as late as we please. Ask the hotel operator (from any house phone) to connect you with Jim Davidson's room, and someone will tell you the room number. Or look for the Space Pork Dollar posters.

We'll provide beverages and snacks and lots of intriguing conversation. Dress is casual, you are welcome to bring things you especially like to drink, you may feel free to spell me or whoever is tending bar, and you should feel especially welcome to bring your ideas about space capitalism. You may invest as much or as little as you like in this concept, though a few dollars will help replenish the supplies as the party goes on.

For those who wish to attend the conference, it is being sponsored by the National Space Society. We don't agree with everything they say, but we find that many of their supporters learn a great deal from our efforts to recruit at their events. You can find out more about the conference at the NSS web site http://www.nss.org/
Recently, I attended an organizational meeting of the Clear Lake Area National Space Society (CLANSS) conference committee. They are still looking for volunteers, and tell me that about 487 folks are now pre-registered for this event. Full registration is $85 for the weekend, and there is an extra fee for the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics ( AIAA) symposium.

Those who would like to volunteer can do so by contacting Murray Clark mailto:mclark637@aol.com. Volunteers pay $45 for registration for the weekend, and those working 4 hours or more will have their registration refunded if the conference makes money (somewhat likely at this point; pre-registration was somewhat higher in 1991 for the San Antonio ISDC at this point, and total registration for that event ran to over 1,200 with the conference making about $50,000 profit). Volunteer work is not very demanding, mostly to involve audiovisual support, moving speakers to rooms, looking for badges at various doors, etc.

Discussions about Space Capitalists have been focusing on creating a space business incubator, possibly to share quarters with the Houston Space Institute. The space business incubator would help startup space businesses write plans, research opportunities, find investors, identify potential business associates and suppliers, and develop new technologies. The incubator concept may include offering attractive rates on office space and clerical services, as well as access to the Houston Space Institute library and other facilities.

In recent weeks we've been trying to help Texas Spacelines find a location for their next rocket test launch. I'll be delighted to update you on what I know of their progress; perhaps Mark or Richard will be attending.

Let me know if you are planning to attend the party, or if you have an interest in learning more about the Houston Space Society or the Space Capitalists group. We're very eager for your ideas and look forward to seeing you at the party.


Jim Davidson
President, Houston Space Society, Inc.
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19 May 1999
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