16 March 1999
Events - Tourism (Good)
Upcoming Space Tourism Events
by Patrick Collins
The following are events open to the public that concern space tourism

April 19
2nd UK-Japan Space Tourism Seminar
What: Presentations on recent work in both countries, follow-up to 1st Seminar held in Yokohama, October 1998
Where: BIS Headquarters building, London
Contact: Dr Anders Hansson, Fax no: (44) 181 5793560

April 21-23
2nd International Symposium on Space Travel
What: 30+ presentations and Press Conference on the theme "A New Reality: Destination Space - Let*s Invent Our Future"
Where: Holiday Inn Crown Plaza Hotel, Bremen, Germany
Contact: ISST99@aol.com
URL: www.spacetours.de/ISST99.htm

June 23-24
1st U.S. Space Tourism Conference
What: Organised by the Space Travel & Tourism Division of the Space Transportation Association (STA), it will address the state-of-the-art capabilities, requirements, opportunities, and problems facing the creation of a large and sophisticated space tourism industry
Where: Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C. (details to be announced)
Contact: Bob Haltermann spacetra@erols.com
URL: www.spacetransportation.org/announce1.htm

June 30 - July 4
"Tomorrow's World Live" show
What: Public debut of 1/3-scale mock-up of Bristol Spaceplanes' "Ascender" sub-orbital rocket-plane
Where: Earl's Court Exhibition Centre, London, England
Contact: www.bristolspaceplanes.com/projects/ascender.shtml

July 21-25
2nd "Space Fair"
What: Themed on Realistic Space Tourism Over the Next 30 Years - an "exciting, fresh, positive theme with excellent educational opportunities and good will aspects".
Where: On board Queen Mary floating Exhibit Hall, Long Beach, California
URL: http://members.aol.com/tourspace/frame1.html

October 4-8 (Day to be announced)
"Space Tourism and Other Novel Space Applications" Session IAA.1.4 of 50th Annual Congress of the International Astronautical Federation ( IAF)
What: Space Tourism is now on the agenda of the largest international space conference
Where: Amsterdam RAI Congress & Exhibition Center, southern Amsterdam.
Contact: Session Chairmen: N Isome: isome@spo.shimz.co.jp and P Willekens: pwilleke@hq.esa.fr
URL: www.iafastro.com
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Patrick Collins 16 March 1999
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