25 November 1998
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ST&TD Bulletin Board
Space Transportation Association's Space Travel and Tourism Division News
Readers may like to review the Space Transportation Association Space Travel and Tourism Division's Bulletin Board of news and events at http://www.spacetransportation.org/bulletins.htm.

A synopsis of the American Travel Market Convention, that STA exibited at September 10-12, 1998 is provided at http://www.spacetransportation.org/convention.htm.

ST&TD's first newsletter is available at http://www.spacetransportation.org/newsletter.htm. They also list their industry members at http://www.spacetransportation.org/directory.htm. And finally, a few ST&TD member's papers on space tourism are at http://www.spacetransportation.org/library.htm.
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25 November 1998
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