2 March 1998
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Space Entrepreneurs in the News
ABC News ran this interesting article on space entreprenuers:

'>Entrepreneurs Stake Claims on Other Worlds - Own Your Piece of the Rock"

The referenced enterprises range from the trivial to the ambitious.

This article in Wired magazine also focuses on the X-prize and the many contesting companies competing to put you, a paying customer in orbit first.

"Space tourism aims at elusive 2001 launch date"

Here is another space tourism article appearing in the Orlando Sentinel newspaper.

"A space odyssey -- for just plain folks"
By Seth Borenstein of The Sentinel Staff
Published in The Orlando Sentinel, February 15, 1998

The Newark Star Ledger newspaper ran this article on space tourism:

"Race is on to produce one giant leap for tourists"
By Matthew Futterman
The Star-Ledger

They even interviewed a local soon-to-be space tourist. Erin Medlicott is booked on one of Civilian Astronauts Corps (CAC) first flights. Medlicott is not a casual space tourist whisking off to space on a whim, she helped found the Space Frontier Foundation, one of the first organizations to popularize space tourism as a viable business enterprise.

Not to be left out, the Boston Globe ran this interesting article in today's paper:

"Space race - Fledgling firms starting to catch up with the big boys in drive to launch first reusable rocket"
Boston Globe
March 2, 1998

Several of the contender private launch companies were mentioned as well as some good quotes from notetable and familiar space advocates like Henry Vanderbilt of Space Access Society, Tim Kyger of Universal Space Lines (and former Senate staffer), Gary Hudson of Rotary Rocket and Even Charles Lurio. This article is one of the better researched articles on the subject of commercial space launch.

Other notable publications like the New York Times, Newsweek and Forbes have recently run space tourism themed articles as well.

It seems that space tourism is starting to be taken seriously by the media. Hopefully the governments of the World will take notice, and act as enablers of this emerging industry, rather than selfish obstructionists.
Source: ABC News, Wired, Orlando Sentinel, Newark Star-Ledger, Boston Globe

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2 March 1998
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