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Author: Y Hashimoto
Origin:Copyright 1993 by author. Published by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc. with permission. Released to AIAA to publish in all forms.

The present international space law has been a system which generally concentrates on the exploration and use of outer space. In the near future, however, new outer space usage with different styles and purposes from the present situation will be imaginable. This usage includes the private sector's space activities with commercial purposes and the emergence of passengers (tourists) who will go to outer space for leisure. Those new styles of space utilization may bring the present legal system (the first generation of space law), which mainly treat the exploration and use of outer space by the public sector, its review and reconsideration. We now have to make a tentative plan about the future legal system applicable to the future outer space utilization (the second generation of space law), paying attention to and understanding the possibility of space technologies, socio-econornic factors and so on. This paper will propose the need for such consideration by focussing on the problems of the status of astronauts as one of the problems to be resolved.

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