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Origin:IAF paper no. IAC-02-P-P.23
Abstract:The present paper is aimed to provide some basic requirements for a new philosophic paradigm, called "Space Age Philosophy".

The paper is composed of three sections:

  1. INTRODUCTION taking inspiration from Giacomo Leopardi's work, "Copernico", I outline the scope of this paper: to show that there is a neglected nexus between Space Education and Philosophy, and to provide some indications about how to recover such a situation.

  2. FOUNDING A NEW PHILOSOPHY the education strategies of the two main space agencies are briefly analysed and criticized. The current major philosophy (perception of the world) in the advanced countries is outlined as well, indicating the goal of a good education strategy: to favour the public achievement of a more modern and realistic vision. Following this, fifteen basic requirements for the design of a Space Age Philosophy (SAP) are proposed, i.e. which results we should expect, from the settlement of a SAP. In a distinct paragraph, my personal Space Age Philosophy basic concepts are then sketched: the Open World concept, a philosophic reading of the nature of the conflicts after the end of the Cold War, and the new economic-social paradigms required by the Electronic Age.

  3. EDUCATING THE PEOPLE AND STEPPING TO THE STARS includes some concrete indications about the possible financing of the project, and a first draft list of activities to be actuated in two project phases.
  • Millennium Challenges for Living and Working in Space
  • Why implementing the Space Option is necessary for Society
  • The extraterrestrial imperative: Why Mankind Must Colonize Space
  • Industrializing the Moon - the First Step into a New Open World
  • The methodology of questionnaires to develop a world wide space education plan
  • New credit tools and tax concepts for the opening of the space frontier
  • Astronautics: The Only Ethical Future
  • The ESA Workshop of Space Exploration and Resource Exploitation (A First Report)
  • A Plan for the Mercantile Astronautics
  • Concepts for a World Space Program based in the Society
  • 21 Century and Space Options
  • Migrations and Development in the Space Age
  • Three Levels for Astronautics
  • America and the space frontier
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