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Published:October 7, 1997
  • Tom Rogers
Origin:. 1988, The Sophron Foundation. Most of the substance of this paper was presented at the 48th Annual meeting of the International Astronautical Federation in Turin, Italy, on October 7, 1997. It now reflects this year's Federal government budget decisions by the President of the United States.

Seemingly each month we continue to learn of, and wonder about, new space feats of the Shuttle fleet, science satellites, solar system probes, and the Hubble space telescope.

Against this general background, in 1990 a civil space study Committee of national repute suggested that physical scientific research should be the focal point of the programme -- led by NASA -- and that it could expect to obtain a 10% real growth in publicly-provided financial support each year throughout the decade of the 1990s. [1]

U.S. civil space leaders accepted both of these suggestions. Unfortunately, both were incorrect and, as a consequence, the programme's support has suffered ever since. [2]

  • The US Government Civil Space Programme: It Must be Changed Fundamentally and Soon
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