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Published:May 24-31, 1998
  • William Gaubatz
Origin:Invited Paper 98-o-1-O1V. 21st International Symposium On Space Technology and Science, May 24-31, 1998,Sonic City, Omiya, Japan. Re-usable Space Transportation System Session

Foreword: Space remains as the last great frontier to be opened to the public. It is tantalizingly close to the entire world's population, yet only a very elite group of men and women have traveled there. Opening the Space Frontier to the Public means overcoming transportation infrastructure problems the first major one being the development of safe, reusable spaceplanes and rocketships. The development challenges involved are enormous and full of tough engineering problems. To turn new technologies into practical designs that can be manufactured and maintained for routine, low cost, operations is proving to be a tremendous undertaking But there are equally tough regulatory processes and procedures to be put into place to govern these developments. Vision, reality and commitment on the part of governments and industries will be required to overcome these challenges and to establish, maintain and regulate an immense and effective new transportation infrastructure for space -- the Spaceways.

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