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Origin:Proceedings of ISAP '96, pp 421-4.

As part of the work currently in progress for the "SPS 2000" solar power satellite pilot-plant system design project, field research is now under way in countries around the equator. The objectives of this fieldwork are to identify potential sites for receiving antennas, and to establish a network of researchers in these countries to collaborate on the design of the system. Although many details of the satellite design have yet to be finalized, this equatorial field research has become necessary since, like any energy system, the requirements of the intended users are an essential input to the system design. In addition, it is not possible to evaluate the overall costs and benefits of the project without detailed plans for the ground systems and their utilization. At present plans for rectennas in each country are at an early stage, but as work progresses the role of the equatorial countries in the project is expected to grow.

  • Conceptual study of a solar power satellite SPS 2000
  • Field research for solar power satellite energy receiving stations: Tanzania
  • Field research for solar power satellite energy receiving stations: Papua New Guinea
  • Field research for solar power satellite energy receiving stations: Brazil
  • Field research for solar power satellite energy receiving stations: Indonesia
  • Solar power systems (SPS) - investigations at the I.S.A.S. of Japan
  • The SPS 2000 Project and its international importance
  • Field Research for SPS 2000 rectennas in equatorial countries
  • Equatorial Times
  • Simulation of the energy output of the SPS 2000 rectenna system
  • Global electrification: a different race initiative
  • SPS 2000: a commercial SPS test-bed for electric utilities
  • Journal of Aerospace Engineering
  • SPS 2000 Newsletter
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