29 July 2012
Added "Space Debris and Its Mitigation" to the archive.
16 July 2012
Space Future has been on something of a hiatus of late. With the concept of Space Tourism steadily increasing in acceptance, and the advances of commercial space, much of our purpose could be said to be achieved. But this industry is still nascent, and there's much to do. So...watch this space.
9 December 2010
Updated "What the Growth of a Space Tourism Industry Could Contribute to Employment, Economic Growth, Environmental Protection, Education, Culture and World Peace" to the 2009 revision.
7 December 2008
"What the Growth of a Space Tourism Industry Could Contribute to Employment, Economic Growth, Environmental Protection, Education, Culture and World Peace" is now the top entry on Space Future's Key Documents list.
30 November 2008
Added Lynx to the Vehicle Designs page.
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Announcements / Tourism (None)
3 November 2005 by Carol Pinchefsky
November 10, London
by Carol Pinchefsky
Opinion / Tourism (None)
4 October 2005 by Carol Pinchefsky
A comment on the news
by Carol Pinchefsky
Reports / Tourism (None)
12 April 2004 by Carol Pinchefsky
Tourism gives commercial space a future
by Derek Webber
Announcements / Tourism (None)
8 March 2004 by Patrick Collins
Promotes passenger space travel
On Thursday, March 4, 2004, the US House of Representatives approved legislation which is designed to promote the development of the emerging commercial human space flight industry.
/ Tourism (None)
4 April 2003 by G B Leatherwood
The current state of affairs in space tourism
Eric Anderson, President and CEO of Space Adventures, is an entrepreneur, businessman, and aerospace engineer. He has previously worked as a NASA researcher, as a Lead Engineer for a leading aerospace software firm, and has started several companies. Most recently, he was the Founder and Executive Vice President of Starport.com, acquired in June 2000 by space.com.
Media / Tourism (None)
2 October 2002 by Patrick Collins
Training Continues While Project Seeks Funds
Sadly, Lance Bass will not fly on the upcoming Soyuz “taxi flight,” as reported earlier. However, he is continuing his training, so the possibility remains open that he could fly next year. Bass has been tethered by a lack of necessary funding; his backers could not provide the $20 million in time.
Online / Tourism (None)
14 December 2001 by Carol Pinchefsky
Editorial in _Aviation Week_
Space Future's Patrick Collins has written the editorial for this week's Aviation Week and Space Technology. As always, he states that what passenger airline travel did for the 20th century, space tourism can do for the 21st.
/ Tourism (None)
23 August 2001 by Alan Breakstone
How space tourism can save humanity
by Alan Breakstone 
Reports / Tourism (None)
15 May 2001 by Carol Pinchefsky
How the Nazis Won World War II and What To Do About It
Essay by Rory Lindsay
/ Tourism (None)
4 May 2001 by Carol Pinchefsky
Can't Buy Me Love
At this moment, space tourist Denis Tito is experiencing a dream shared by millions--cozying up to the sight of Earth through his window. Tito leads the way in what will surely be a long line of adventure-seekers and space enthusiasts. For US$20 million, he received training, a trip to the International Space Station (ISS), and the right to say he did it first. But he gets something else in return for his money--criticism and antagonism.
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