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Published:8-10 March 2001
  • Virgiliu Pop
Origin:Paper presented at the First Convention of Lunar Explorers, Palais de la Découverte, Paris, 8-10 March 2001.

It was stated earlier today by a fellow speaker that the public is confused. I cannot but agree, given that it is generally believed that one can buy land on the moon. Extraterrestrial real estate seemed to be, until recently, the undisputed domain of science-fiction; nowadays, it is a favourite subject of newspaper headlines and of academic debate.

Today, I intend to critically analyse and dismantle the issue of so-called "sale of extraterrestrial real estate", after having outlined some of the trivial claims of celestial bodies ownership.

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  • Newsweek
  • The Man on the Moon Makes Room for Neighbours: An Analysis of the Existence of Property Rights on the Moon Under a Condominium-Type Ownership Theory
  • Appropriation in Outer Space: The Relationship Between Land Ownership and Sovereignty on the Celestial Bodies
  • The Law Relating to Activities of Man in Space
  • Who Owns the Moon?
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