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Published:July 2001
Origin:Lunar Development Conference, Space Frontier Foundation, July 2001.
Abstract:Professional organizations, as well as individual companies, have learned to proactively adopt and operate within the guidelines of formalized codes of ethics and standards for their terrestrial businesses. It is now time for the commercial lunar and outer space industries to develop a space code of ethics as the process of developing an economy on the Moon, on asteroids, and in low Earth orbit (LEO) begins. A successful code of ethics for outer-space commerce, including lunar development, must also facilitate the establishment of commerce rather than hinder it. It must also help the industry to proceed unfettered by government-created barriers. As such, this code encourages and supports commercial space businesses. Lunar commerce or advanced space commercialization may still be a few years away, but now is the time to establish the blueprint for space ethics for this newly evolving industry. It is within this formative period wherein lies the unique opportunity to ensure the adoption of a code of ethics for outer-space commerce.
  • Beyond Spaceship Earth: Environmental Ethics and the Solar System
  • Who Owns the Moon?
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