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Published:May 15-24, 1994
  • Kohki Isozaki
  • Akira Taniuchi
  • Koichi Yonemoto
  • Hiroshige Kikukawa
  • Tomoko Maruyama
  • Tetsuro Asai
  • Koichi Murakami
  • Tatsuro Asai
Origin:Originally published in the Journal of Space Technology and Science, Vol.10 No.2 '94 autumn, pp.22-34. Revision of ISTS 94-g-22p presented at the l9th International Symposium on Space Technology and Science (ISTS Yokohama), May 15-24, 1994.

A fully reusable SSTO (Single Stage to Orbit) rocket vehicle of vertical takeoff and landing type has been conceptually designed as a standard transportation model for space tourism by the transportation research committee of JRS (Japanese Rocket Society). The design criteria of the vehicle have been assumed based on the services required for space tourism. The standard vehicle is operational for a maximum 24 hour space tour of 50 passengers in low earth orbit. Within the reach of our near future rocket technology, the design results in 22m body length and weight of 550 Mg using MMC, CF/Epy and Ti/Mw advanced materials. The 12 engines, which can be throttled and gimbaled during the whole mission time, perform vertical launch and tail-first reentry to final landing within tolerable acceleration acting on passengers. Two floor decks with sightseeing windows and a microgravity amusement space are provided as an attractive passenger service.

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