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Author: K Tatsuzawa
Origin: IISL-88-083

The commercialization of outer space has accelerated recently. It is estimated that "by the year 2000, commercial space activity may be worth as much as $200-300 billion" to the U.S. national economy "and maybe as many as 10 million jobs". The internal as well as international regulation of such commercial space activities must be given priority. At international level we should consider the regulation of commercial space activities under the aspect of legality and of jurisdiction. At internal level, we should consider three improtant problemes; inventions in space, product liability and governmental aid in space industrialization.

  • Quelque refléxions sur la commercialization des activités spatiales
  • Legal Aspects of Large Space Structures: Factors Leading to the Development of the Jurisprudence of Astrolaw
  • Astrolaw Jurisprudence in Space as a Place: Right Reason for the Right Stuff
  • International Space Law
  • The International Space Agency Project, the Bogota Declaration and the Common Interest Rule
  • Le droit international public de l'espace
  • Legal Aspects of Space Activities by Private Enterprises - Introductory Report
  • Aspects of Space Law
  • Implications of International Space Law for Private Enterprise
  • Legal Status of International Space Crews
  • Space Activities of "Non-Governmental Entities": Issues of International and Domestic Law
  • Space Transportation Systems: Some International Systems: Some International Legal Considerations
  • Principles governing the activities of States in the exploration and use of outer space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies
  • Le droit international public de l'espace
  • Policy and legal issues involved in the commercialization of space
  • Implications of International Space Law for Private Enterprise
  • Do We Need a Strict, Limited Liability Regime in Outer Space
  • Space Industrialization: Some Legal and Policy Considerations for Private Enterprise
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