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Published:April 14, 1993
  • G Mitarai
Origin:A comment presented at JRS Space Tourism Study Conference held on April 14, 1993. Edited and translated into English from taped transcript originally in Japanese. Originally published in the Journal of Space Technology and Science, Vol.9 No.1 '93 spring, pp.13-15

Last year, I went to Florida to see off our Space Shuttle mission, Space Lab-J as an ex-Principal Investigator, and the originator of a medical experiment with carp. On that occasion, I visited Disney World together with my wife. An attraction we chose was a big roller coaster called the Space Mountain. We followed the waiting line for an hour. Then I noticed several senior couples left the line when they reached a sign post. Soon I found it said that persons with any one of the following symptoms may not ride on this vehicle; aged, high blood pressure or lumbago. Those who left the line must have obeyed the warning. I myself suffered from all of them, but didn't care. Fortunately, my wife did not read English. When our turn came, our seats happened to be at the front. It was a great experience in both physical and mental terms. My wife had to rest for thirty minutes afterward to recover from dizziness. I was quite all right and felt proud of the exciting experience.

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