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Origin:IAA Rio Conference, Fall 2000
Abstract:Affordable space access is essential to the development of new space businesses, especially space tourism. Properly designed Reusable Launch Vehicles (RLVs) hold the promise for low-cost access to space, yet financing for the research and development of RLVs requires a market with profit potential. The existing market research on space tourism indicates a sufficient demand to support RLV development and to provide the growing market needed to enable investors to earn acceptable returns. This paper examines the market that RLVs have targeted, which to date has not enabled RLV companies to completely succeed in their financing efforts. The existing market research that has been used to validate the potential market for space tourism is also examined. Suggested changes and improvements are offered for new market studies in space tourism. Financing and investor requirements for business ventures in these industries are also discussed based on the author's three previous surveys of venture capitalists regarding investments in outer space commerce. Finally, recommendations are offered for a symbiotic relationship between the RLV and space tourism industries to enable a new era of commercial ventures in outer space.
  • Barriers to Space Tourism
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Keywords:Tourism:Economics , Vehicles:Technology
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