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Published:August 1997
Origin:PPH-98-027. 11th August 1997
Abstract:A reasonable-sounding argument used by the adversaries of the space option is that of its "enormous costs." The implementation of the space option call for investments that are comparable to those directly needed to satisfy the needs by purely terrestrial means, but with significantly lower follow-on costs (decommissioning, etc) expected because of the separation from the biosphere and of the high amount of reuse postulated by current economic models of space industry. Against the direct expenses one must account the losses incurred when terrestrial development project are killed because of extended environmental considerations: missing economic returns, social development losses, impoverishment and associated imposition of political burdens. The systems thinking of the space option must be used to (i) convince governments to apply resources to areas that (a) contribute to solve actual problems and in which (b) private investments are scarce, while (ii) pushing investors to finance space enterprises for their own opportunities.
  • The Space Option & Our Future: Some Considerations on the Thermal Burden", paper presented at the BIS Symposium on "Space Industrialization as a Response to Global Threats
  • Astronautics - A New Product for Agencies' Space Activities", (A "Space 2020" Position Paper on Astronautics), paper presented at the "Space 2020 Round Table
  • Ethics and the Astronautical Endeavour - Introductory Considerations
  • Broadening Space Utilization through Space Resources Exploitation: The Survival Mode - Why Extraterrestrial Resources Are Necessary", a position paper for the International Workshop on "Innovations for Competitiveness
  • Space and Energy
  • Why Implementing the Space Option Is Necessary for Society
  • Implementing the Space Option: Elaboration and Dissemination of a New Rationale for Space, Part I: The Rationale
  • Implementing the Space Option: Elaboration and Dissemination of a New Rationale for Space, Part II: The Space Option
  • The High Road
  • Raw Materials for Space Manufacturing - A Comparison of Terrestrial Practice & Lunar Availability
  • Human Roles in Future Space Operations
  • Cislunar Industrialization & Higher Human Options
  • Net Growth for the Global Society
  • In-Depth Exploration of the Solar System and Its Utilization for the Benefit of Earth
  • Industrial Evolution & Revolution in Geolunar Space, 1980-2010
  • Lunar Industries and Their Value for the Human Environment on Earth
  • A Socio-Economic Evaluation of the Lunar Environment & Resources, Part 3: Selenospheric Economics and Cislunar/Terrestrial Market Analysis
  • The Impact on US Industrial Growth of Solar Power Satellites from Space Manufacturing Facilities
  • Energy Embodied Technical Progress & Space-Based Backstop Technologies
  • Spaceflight Colonization and Independence: A Synthesis
  • The Low (Profile) Road to Space Manufacturing
  • An Evaluation Model of Development of Energy Resources in Space Using World Dynamics
  • Acta Astronautica
  • Journal of the British Interplanetary Society
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