Re: Dejan's Rant

From Mark Reiff <markreiff@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 11 Nov 1999 21:43:43 -0600


> BRAVO, Dejan!! I to am a little sick of Reiff's arrogant attitude. He is
> entitled to his opinion but let's all try and get along here a little.
> Anyway keep up the good work and long live free speech! If you wish to be
> critical of any people/policies/organizations then do so positively and
> constructively with a good attitude. Here endeth the sermon.

Rather ironic that Kamal advocates free speech above, while complaining
about it below.

> I have tried unsubscribing twice to this mailing list (with no apparent
> success) as I dislike the negative tone established by some. If the list
> administrator is tuned in then please turn me off as I want to drop out!! I
> will endeavor to find an alternate mailing list displaying a more positive
> attitude, good luck I hear you all say!

Sorry you find it not to your liking.  If you are only willing to listen
to glowing NASA propaganda, I'm sure that you will be able to find some
list to accommodate you.
You might try's mail list, that can be subsribe to from their
web site.  NSS has a e-mail list that might be more your speed too.  I'm
sure their are others.

To unsubscibe from the Space Future list you should send an e-mail to:


with "unsubcribe" in both the subject and text body of your message.

Sorry to see you go rather than contribute more of what you consider
positive messages.

Mark Reiff
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