Re: Preventing junk mail + proposed sf-announce linkage

From Peter Wainwright <pan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date Thu, 27 May 1999 19:47:16 +0100

John Bray wrote:

> Peter, is it possible to set the Space Future mailserver to only
> accept messages from members of the list. That should
> stop this kind of thing, though might make it more awkward for
> people who read and post from different locations.

Agreed. It is in fact extremely difficult to police this kind of thing -
for example this email came from a free email account service akin to
Hotmail, so simply banning the domain prevents potential valid

However, I have decided to alter the policy regarding subscriptions -
previously any message sent to the list from a non-subscriber was
and the sender subscribed to the list. Now only subscribers may post and
an explict subscribe message must be sent to sf-discuss-request first.

As John points out, this will inconvenience people who post from more
one email address, but unfortunately there is no avoiding it.

As a general point, all subscribers to this list are welcome to invite
their friends along too :-) At the moment we're quite lucky in that
the signal-to-noise ratio is actually very high, at least at the moment.


While I'm on the subject of maintaining the mailing lists, I have been
considering either subscribing sf-discuss itself to the sf-announce
mailing list, and removing duplicates for those who subscribe to both,
on the grounds that sf-announce is low traffic and most people on
sf-discuss probably wouldn't object to update information about Space
Future in any case.

Alternatively I could arrange for subscriptions to sf-discuss to also
subscribe to sf-admin, which would allow people to unsubscribe from
sf-admin at a later date. Does anyone have any strong preferences or
objections to either of these proposals?

Lastly, I have occasionally wondered if there is any other mailing list
that Space Future could implement that would be of use - once you have
the general system up, adding a new list is trivial. I already have
the intention to establish sf-journal as a digest of the Space Future
Journal, just as soon as I have time for it, but I'm open to suggestions
for others.

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