Warp drive!

From "Prasad, Kamal" <Kamal.Prasad@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date Mon, 24 May 1999 14:00:46 -0700

> O.K. the following web site is not in the same orbit as the topics
> normally discussed in this forum. It is well worth checking out though,
> especially for those of you that ever wanted to know more about: Tachyons;
> Zero Point Energy; Wormholes and the like. Authored by Marc Millis of
> NASA's Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program it is 'fascinating' (as
> Spock would say).
> The site is:- http://www.lerc.nasa.gov/Other_Groups/PAO/warp.htm
> Space Future please add this to your 'Links to Other Sites'.
> I would enjoy any feedback any of you have to offer on this site.
> Thank you...................KAMAL