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Mark Reiff wrote:
 An old article, but illustrative of the Air Force's view of commercial
space launch.

 Defense Issues
 Volume 11, Number 50
 "Stewards of Space"
 Remarks prepared for delivery by Sheila E. Widnall, secretary of the
Air Force, to the
 Space Transportation Association, Washington, May 8, 1996.

Thanks for that informative reference, Mark.  For those of you who
haven't time to read the article, here is a couple of sentences that
give you the gist of it:

So the AF is assigned a vital, national defense mission of assured
access to space for our satellites, which are fundamental to national
security. This is not only a
military mission, but a warfighting mission. And for this reason alone,
we must own the means to execute it.

Just consider the air analogy. Air superiority is also an AF core
competence and a warfighting mission. We own the planes, airfields and
maintenance personnel to
accomplish this mission. No one has ever questioned ownership in that
department. Space launch is an AF core competence, a warfighting
mission, and we will
continue to own the boosters, satellites, launch bases and personnel to
accomplish this warfighting mission.

Sure, we'll contract out many launch base activities. The fact of the
matter is we already do! Just as we've privatized most of the base
operations at our Air
Education and Training Command bases, we also contract out the running
of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station. In fact, we currently contract out
well over $100
million per year at the cape. And there's no doubt in my mind commercial
companies will launch commercial satellites out of spaceports in
California and Florida. But
will we give up ownership of the AF's presidentially directed
warfighting mission? I don't think so.

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[Fwd: "Stewards of Space" Article]
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