9 September 2005
Announcements - Vehicles (Good)
Spacex Developing Fully Reusable Launch Vehicles
Premiering 2007
by Alan Breakstone
by Alan Breakstone

Space Exploration Technologies Corporation (SpaceX) has made it clear that its medium lift and heavy lift rockets, the Falcon 5 and just-announced Falcon 9, will be fully reusable. In a September 8 press release, the startup aerospace company announced plans to develop a fully-reusable heavy-lift launcher called Falcon 9, capable of lofting up to 55,000 lbs. into orbit in its most powerful configuration. This is in addition to the Falcon 1 light launcher being prepared for first launch later this year, and the medium-lift Falcon 5 to premiere in 2007.

The Falcon 1 is eventually intended to be partially reusable, with the first stage parachuting into the sea. The larger Falcon 5 and Falcon 9 will have all stages reusable, making them the first truly reusable launch vehicles for orbital flight. The first Falcon 9 launch has already been claimed by a US government customer, according to SpaceX. Falcon 9 launch costs are expected to range from $27 Million to $35 Million (US).
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Alan Breakstone 9 September 2005
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