13 June 2005
News - Vehicles (Good)
Blue Origin RLV
Three passengers, weekly flights
by Alan Breakstone
by Alan Breakstone

Blue Origin has posted a terse description of their reusable suborbital vehicle and Texas spaceport. (Awareness of this is thanks to space.com):

The vehicle's first launch is scheduled for Q3 2006--just over a year from now. It's designed to carry at least three passengers and have a maximum flight rate of 52 flights per year. Propellants are kerosene/peroxide.

With Bezos's money and the experienced team he seems to have put together, it looks like Branson/Rutan won't be alone in launching passengers in the latter half of this decade. Bezos is the only other person in the private spaceflight business who has the bucks to be the next Buck Rogers.
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Alan Breakstone 13 June 2005
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