28 July 2004
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Space Tourism Aiming for the Moon?
Constellation Services International considering tourist flights
by Alan Breakstone
by Alan Breakstone

Space.com reports that Constellation Services International (CSI) is considering tourist flights around the moon using Russian Soyuz spacecraft. A single tourist would fly to the ISS aboard the Soyuz. From there, a kick-stage would be connected to the Soyuz, sending it and the high-roller tourist around the moon and back to earth.

Despite the space.com report, there is currently no information on the moon proposal on CSI's website (www.constellationservices.com). On the web, CSI describes itself as "an early stage orbital services company that is currently focused on cargo resupply to low Earth orbit ( LEO) and satellite retrieval and repair."

Space.com says that CSI unveiled their plan for the first time during a recent Return to the Moon conference, sponsored by the Space Frontier Foundation.

SpaceFuture Journal has suggested Soyuz tourist flights around the moon. To read the article, click on the link below.
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Alan Breakstone 28 July 2004
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