20 January 2004
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New Book Lost in Space Stirs Criticism of Space Policy
Identifies space tourism as important new possibility
by Patrick Collins
The publishers’ blurb says it well:

"In Lost in Space Greg Klerkx argues that ever since the last human left the moon in 1972, the Space Age has been stuck in the wrong orbit – and NASA, the organization that once fueled the world's space-faring hopes, has been largely responsible for keeping it there. With the loss of the space shuttle Columbia, there has never been a more critical time for anyone interested in the future of space exploration to ask two questions: Whatever happened to the Space Age? And how can we get it back?”

Its publication is particularly well timed to generate pressure to try to put the US government’s new initiative on the right track – that is, to contribute to the economy by focusing on economically valuable activities like tourism, rather than just weigh it down with more of the same.

Definitely recommended reading.
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Patrick Collins 20 January 2004
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