4 September 2001
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Radio Show To Discuss Space Law
September 5, 2001, 8-9PM Pacific Time
by Carol Pinchefsky
Pheonix, Ariz--Declan O'Donnell will be the guest on the radio show, "Business Without Boundaries", Wednesday evening, September 5, 8-9PM Pacific Daylight Time. "Business Without Boundaries," hosted by Dr. David Livingston, focuses on timely and important business issues germane to the development of outer space commerce and space tourism.  

Our guest for the evening, Declan O'Donnell, is a noted attorney specializing in the law of outer-space.  He is also an expert on issues relating to space governance.  Mr. O'Donnell will be discussing the legal roadblocks to space commercialization and to the establishment of settlements on the Moon and in low earth orbit ( LEO).  

In addition, he will explain two very important organizations that have the potential to resolve some of the problems caused by our laws and regulations, as well as the UN space treaties. These two organizations, the United Societies in Space (USIS) and the Lunar Economic Development Authority (LEDA),  reflect Mr. O'Donnell's superb understanding of the issues concerning the expansion of space commercialization and the importance of establishing a system of space governance that facilitates commercial growth.  Mr.O'Donnell's discussion is sure to be thought provoking, motivating, and informative.

Listeners are encouraged to call, e-mail, or fax questions or comments to Mr. O'Donnell or the host during the show.

The show can be heard live in the Phoenix, Arizona on KFNX AM 1100, and on the internet at www.renaissanceradio.com.  When you get to this website, click on the link to KFNX in Phoenix for the live show.  You need to register so please follow the instructions.

The call-in toll free number is 1 (866) 277-5369 for people outside the Phoenix area.  For people within the Phoenix area, the local number is (602) 277-5369. Real time e-mail during the show:  dmlivings@yahoo.com. For fax questions and comments during the show:  1 (415) 789-5969.
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Carol Pinchefsky 4 September 2001
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