13 June 2001
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Space Tourism to be Discussed Live on Air
Listeners' Questions Welcome
by Patrick Collins
Space Future?s Professor Patrick Collins will be interviewed on the radio show, 'Business Without Boundaries', Wednesday evening, June 13, 2001, 8-9 PM Pacific Daylight Time.

'Business Without Boundaries', hosted by Dr. David Livingston, focuses on timely and important business issues. During the discussion with Professor Collins, all facets of space tourism, especially the business aspects of space tourism, will be discussed. They will also discuss what's next for the space tourism industry after Dennis Tito's historic flight to the ISS. Issues surrounding the development of a cost effective, passenger-certified reusable launch vehicle and the need for such a vehicle for space tourism will also be explored.

Listeners are invited to call in with questions or comments, as well as to use the e-mail and fax lines. E-mail and faxes received prior to show time will be read on the air. The show can be heard both live in the Phoenix, Arizona area and on the Internet. (NB in the Phoenix area, the station is 11.00 AM.)

To access the interview on the Internet: http://www.nabcinc.com/
click on the link to KFNX in Phoenix for the live show.

For people within the Phoenix area, the toll-free call-in number is 602 277-5369.

For people outside Phoenix the number is 1 866 277 5369.

Real time e-mail during the show: dmlivings@yahoo.com

For Fax questions during the show: 1 415 789-5969
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Patrick Collins 13 June 2001
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