20 December 1999
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RIT Students Study Space Tourism
Students Get Ready For A Future Career In Space Tourism
Space.com runs with an article titled, "Wanna Be A Space Tourist?" at:


Undergraduate students at Rochester Institute of Technology are learning all about the business of space tourism in a course offered this Fall and again this Spring. The course is the World's first college course on space tourism.

Class topics include: orbital physics, the politics of NASA, and
psychological issues - how sad that one of the biggest concerns of future space tourism pioneers is dodging NASA politics.

The space tourism class experiements with orbital culinary arts as well as listening to guest lecturers that include: scientists, engineers, economists, and even a military officer throughout the semester.

The students also discovered that space tourism will have to market space trips both on comfort and safety to prospective guests.

Unlike the author, it does appear that the RIT students are doing a bit more than just taking up space at school. :)
Source: Space.com

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20 December 1999
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