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Published:19 September 2001
Origin:Presented at Symposium on The Popular Commercialisation of Space, British Interplanetary Society, 19 September 2001
Abstract:Association Football, or 'soccer', is the major spectator sport in the world, as well the most widely-played. When space becomes a practical living space for the public to visit, it is likely that there will be a desire for sporting activities of some kind, and that these will be modelled on familiar sports. Since football or 'soccer' is the most familiar of all, it will be a strong candidate for adaptation to the micro-gravity conditions found in orbit. In recent years there has been growing interest in the feasibility of passenger space travel, or 'space tourism'; Nasa has acknowledged that it is likely that it will grow to become the largest business in space [1], the Japanese Rocket Society (JRS) has published [2]; and a library of research papers on the subject of space tourism is available on the website http://www.spacefuture.com. As one possibility, the building and operation of 'sports centers' in space has received some attention by staff in the Japanese construction company, Hazama [3,4]. With the start of commercial tourism in space with the flight of Dennis Tito in April 2001, and the announcement in September 2001 of Mircorp Inc's plan to build a small space station for use for tourist accommodation, it seems timely to start to consider how football may be adapted for playing in orbit.
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