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  • Jesus Raygoza B
Abstract:At a site above 1,200 and 2,500 meters in the State of Chihuahua on a mountain named Cerro del Pajarito (Little Bird's Mountain), our plan is to establish a Lunar Mexico Habitat Analogue Project named Mex-LunarHab (MLH) as a Lunar Economic Development Authority, Inc. (LEDA) asset[1,2]. Such project will be paving the way for a real habitat-spacecraft, the real MLH.
  • Facilitating a New Space Market Through a Lunar Economic Development Authority
  • The Moon: Resources, Future Development and Colonization
  • The Moon/Mars Proposal: President Bush's Space Exploration Initiative
  • Science with a Vengance: How the Military Created the US Space Sciences After World War II
  • Malapert Mountain Revisited
  • The Commercial Development of Lunar Mineral Resources
  • A U. S. Army Study for the Establishment of a Lunar Military Outpost
  • Physical Transportation on the Moon: The Lunar Railroad
  • The Civil Engineer in Lunar Industrialization: Space, Energy, Environment and Education
  • Special Message to the Congress on Urgent National Needs
  • Proposal for a Study of a Manned Mars Flyby Using Apollo and Saturn
  • The Mars Transit System
  • Vehicle and Mission Design Options for the Human Exploration of Mars/Phobos Using 'Bimodal' NTR and LANTR Propulsion
  • Rapid Mars Transits with Exhaust-Modulated Plasma Propulsion
  • Steps Toward a Lunar Settlement
  • Feasibility of Mining Lunar Resources for Earth Use: Circa 2000 A. D.
  • Lunar Prospecting
  • The Development and Realization of a Silicon-60-Based Economy in Cislunar Space: In Search of Plausible Results
  • Return to the Moon: A Commercial Program to Benefit Earth
  • Exploration of Lunar Resources for In-Situ Utilization
  • Lunar Industrialization and Settlement-Birth of Polyglobal Civilization
  • Strategies for a Permanent Lunar Base
  • A Lunar Exploration Program Based Upon Saturn-Boosted Systems
  • Qingdao Deep Space Symposium
  • Perspectives on Helium-3 Fusion: Year 2000
  • Nuclear Power Without Radioactive Waste: The Promise of Lunar Helium-3", Second Annual Lunar Development Conference, "Return to the Moon II
  • Benefit Sharing: The Municipal Model
  • Economically Viable Lunar Development
  • Krafft Ehricke's Extraterrestrial Imperative
  • Mex-LunarHab
  • Journal of the British Interplanetary Society
  • Space News
  • Ad Astra
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