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  • Yoshiyuki Funatsu
Origin:ISTS 2002-o-5-06v
Abstract:The Japanese Rocket Society's "Space Tourism Commercialisation Research Forum" held meetings every two months through 2000 and 2001, and its Final Report was published on February 14, 2002. A large part of the membership came from the aviation industry, and the Forum's activities comprised a series of seminars for explanation and discussion of the issues arising in planning a commercial space tourism industry. In addition, two workshops were established, one of which considered the specifications for a first generation of passenger space vehicle, and the other the feasibility of establishing a Japanese Space Transportation Association. The paper describes the main conclusions arising from the Forum's activities.
  • Spaceship Design and Its Evaluation
  • Commercialization of Space Tourism
  • Hurdles and
  • Legal Framework for Commercial Space Transportation
  • Realising Passenger Space Travel on the Basis of Aviation Infrastructure
  • The Goal of Realising Space Tourism, and the Hurdles in View
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