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Origin:NRA 8-27 TA 1.1. June 2000 - January 2001. AS&T Media Control Number: AS&T-P.01-01.FSTS.FRPh1.DOC
Abstract:Business opportunities for space based activities of non-aerospace companies do exist and will be the driving factors in the development of next generation launch vehicles.

S-commerce, or S-business, is the use of space by a company to provide products and services, both terrestrial and extraterrestrial. Space commerce is presently made up of companies that manufacture and o perate launch vehicles, satellites and related ground infrastructure, including spaceports, teleports and ground terminal/receiver equipment. These products and services serve commercial, civil and military customers. Total revenues of the world space indu stry (excluding the countries of the former Soviet Union and China) currently totals approximately US$100 billion annually. In the future, space commerce will continue to see revenue growth while expanding to include many companies and industries that are not traditionally thought of as users of space. The terrestrial companies will begin to incorporate the use of space resources into the development and use of their services and products. The markets focused on during this phase of the study were selected based on an assessment that they might offer near term products or services and be sufficiently large and competitive to tackle the risks and invest in space.

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