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Origin: Journal of Space Technology and Science, Vol 10, No 2, pp 35-44.

Propulsion systems for an SSTO (single-stage-to-orbit) type of space vehicle to be used for space tourism have been studied. Bell nozzle engines and liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen propellants were chosen for this study to meet the targets of life time, reliability and maintenance frequencies assumed to be required analogous to present-day airline operations. Conceptual design and system analysis were made in terms of engine arrangement in the vehicle and intact abort capability, and a system was conceptualized.

  • Towards Commercial Space Travel
  • Vehicle Design for Space Tourism
  • SSTO Propulsion Design
  • An Advanced Cryogenic Engine Cycle For Commercially Successful Single-Stage-to-Orbit Vehicles
  • Test Report of Up-grading of LE-5 Engine (LE-5A)
  • Investigation on Most Suitable Arrangement of Booster and Sustainer Engines for VTOL Type SSTO Vehicle
  • The SSX - A True Spaceship
  • Journal of Practical Applications in Space
  • Space Tourism Special Issue No.1
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Keywords:Vehicles:Engineering:Propulsion , Tourism
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